Fishing at Mijocama
At Mijocama, anglers are able to catch Lake trout, Northern pike, Small and Large mouth bass and Lake whitefish. Speckled and Rainbow trout fishing is also available in our small special lake.
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Lake trout throughout the territory!
Many of the Upper-Gatineau's 3 000 lakes and rivers are stocked with Lake trout, which is considered by most as the mascot species of our region.

Lake trout is part of the salmon family (char) that prefers to live in deep fresh water. Mature individuals are known to weigh as much as 25ákilos (55ápounds).

Lake trout fishing is particularly popular in the cold water of early Spring, which allows us to capture them in shallow waters. When the lake water warms up in late June, the fish prefer the deeper and colder parts of the lake. This is when heavy tackle, sonar and downriggers are a must to obtain success.

Trout meat proves to be a healthy and great tasting meal while the catch itself is considered a memorable trophy by many anglers.

Just minutes from the Mijocama Outfitter, there are dozens of lakes with enviable Lake trout populations including the ever popular Thirty-One-Miles and Pemichangan lakes.

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Where you find Lake trout, you will also find Lake whitefish.

Although you can fish them all year, the ideal seasons to catch them are in the Winter and Spring when the top and bottom waters are equally cold. In the Summer, the lake Whitefish prefers to be a discreet inhabitant of the deep parts of the lakes.

Lake whitefish
Northern pike
Perfect for great meals...
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For those who are not familiar with this species, the Northern pike is often called the "fresh-water tiger" mostly because of his aggressive and voracious behavior.

During the Summer and in the Winter, it is possible to catch some Northern pikes that measure up to a meter (three feet) long or more!

The "Outaouais" region is considered as a paradise in our province for both Small and Big mouth bass fishing. The Upper-Gatineau, one of its sub-regions, has numerous lakes that offer above average bass populations.

Moreover, in certain lakes such as the Giles lake, the Big mouth bass pullulates which ensures a continuously increasing population and a better success rate for anglers. It is mostly a favorite amongst big sensations enthusiasts who prefer the practice of "catch and release".

   Nice size fish.
Bass is a fish full of energy.
A reputable fighter!
When the warm temperature reduces the activities of many species, the bass remains very energetic even during extremely hot summer days. His spirit of extreme combativeness is even greater than Northern pike, and represents a true challenge for the fly-fishing enthusiast.
Fishing, a family activity!
Finally, children will surely have lots of fun capturing yellow perch, rock bass, sunfish, catfish and occasionally a "burbot" (fresh-water cod).
Every member of the family likes fishing.
Ice fishing slideshow.
     Ice fishing: a simple and fun way to enjoy winter!

At Mijocama, the pleasure of fishing continues throughout the year. In Winter, sit comfortably at the edge of a fishing hole or in a heated shelter on the lake. Yellow perch, Northern pike and bass are waiting for your bait and to offer a good fight and a succulent meal.

You can also catch Speckled and Rainbow trout while ice fishing on our stocked lake where a heated shelter will protect you from the winter cold temperatures between catches!

Ice fishing rods, lures and ice auger services are available on site, as well as transportation to your fishing spot by snowmobile.

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Speckled and Rainbow trout fishing
Access fee (if accommodated at Mijocama) $30 / pers. / day
Access fee (not accommodated at Mijocama) $40 / pers. / day
Boat, electric motor & battery $50 / day
Winter fishing: snowmobile transportation & holes $50 / day
Winter fishing: heated shelter rental $50 / day
Boat $25 / day
4 and 6 hp outboard motor (gas not included) $25 / day
Electric outboard motor + battery $25 / day
Battery for electric motor $10 / day
Fishing rod $10 / day
Other services
Baits - Ice- Gas - Oil
Fly-fishing lessons
(on request)

Taxes, gas, permit and services not included !

Species Limits Seasoná(Zoneá10)
Lake trout 2 * April 22 to September 11, 2022
Speckled trout 5 Year long **
Rainbow trout 5 Year long **
Pike 6 May 20, 2022 to March 31, 2023
Bass 6 June 15, 2022 to March 31, 2023
Lake whitefish 5 April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023
Yellow perch 50 April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023

* Fish smaller than 45 cm (55 cm on some lakes) must be released alive.

** Special terms with Parks and Wildlife department on one particular lake.

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