The Cèdre
Le Cèdre is our most "luxuous" cottage.
The Cèdre is a high quality cottage where you will find all the modern commodities that makes it a "luxuous" comfortable shelter.

As its name implies, from the inside to the outside, everything is made of cedar wood.

It is also our most private cottage, since it is situated outside of the Mijocama peninsula.

En plus d'être extrêmement confortable, c'est un très beau chalet.
Its 3 bedrooms can accommodate up to 10 persons.

Upstairs, it is possible to set up a conference room for a small group, since one of the bedroom could be re-arrange to almost double the living room space.

There is also 2 bathrooms in The Cèdre. The story one as a bath, and the other one, on the first floor, is equipped with a shower.
Une cuisine moderne et fonctionnelle.
Its kitchen, modern and well equipped, is comparable to what we find in a traditional house.

It is combine with a large dining room, offering a beautiful view on the Giles lake.

Finally, The Cèdre has its own electrical power source, mostly used for lightning and small appliances not to energy hungry.
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