Wildlife of exceptional diversity

Turtles laying their eggs In June, visitors will be able to observe the female turtles laying their eggs. Throughout the season, many species of turtles frequently visit the Mijocama site.

Ornithology enthusiasts will be thrilled at the wide variety of species to observe including Ducks and Loons, Woodpeckers, the Bald eagle and the Turkey vulture. Mallard duck

Baby hare You will also find a wide range of mammals in the habitat surrounding Giles Lake. They vary from the smallest ones like the Hare, Fox, Coyote or the Fisher to the largest ones such as the black Bear, the Moose or the elegant Whitetail Deer. It's a well known fact that Quebec's largest winter Deer herd is located at the Thirty-One-Mile Lake in the Upper-Gatineau area.

So, don't forget your camera !

Pictures of the local wildlife.

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