Hiking and moutain biking.

At Mijocama, hiking and mountain biking amateurs have access to tens of kilometers of regularly maintained forest trails.

Some of these trails are reserved to hikers only and offer hundreds of kilometers of nature within our region.

Our billet lodging.
A shelter along the biking trails allows the riders to rest, picnic or camp under a clear sky.

Our forest sometimes shelter real giants like this tree. During your nature walks along our numerous trails, you will have the opportunity to discover the many splendors and beauty of the Upper-Gatineau forest.

You will see magnificent trees like the unique "Thuja" cedar (pictured) and wild plants. You might also catch a glimpse of the numerous representatives of the local wildlife such as the Whitetail Deer or the Red Fox. You will also have the pleasure of observing the numerous birds that are widespread in our territory.

At nearly every turn along the various trails, you will discover exceptional panoramic views including the impressive beauty of the surrounding mountains and their picturesque rock faces.

To discover our trails and the geography of the territory, take a look at the map. The ducks and other aquatic birds are numerous on our lakes and rivers.

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