Hunting, an traditional challenge
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Welcome to the Whitetail deer paradise!

In the Upper-Gatineau, the sport of hunting represents a family tradition. Almost everyone in this region books a one or two-week annual vacation to enjoy nature and the challenges of this age-old challenge.

Slideshow of our feeding stations
As per the most recent Quebec Fish & Wildlife department aerial inventory in the "Outaouais" forest (2014), it is estimated that there are 38,000 Whitetail deer in the Western portion of our hunting zone (10)!
Mijocama Outfitter is located to the south-east of the largest wintering Whitetail deer herd of the "Outaouais" region, the "Thirty-One-Mile" lake. It is also a well known fact that there are many smaller wintering deer herds spread throughout the Upper-Gatineau territory.
The deer population is very healthy in this region mainly because of the quality and variety of the bountiful found sources available. Furthermore, there is an abundance of deciduous trees across our forests all the way up to the "La Vérendrye" Wildlife Reserve.

Thus the numerous beech, walnut, oak and other fruit-bearing leafy trees offer a variety of quality feed for the deer. The Upper-Gatineau has the most northerly broad-leaved forests that are the result of a microclimate along the Gatineau river valley that brings long hot summers to our region of the province. Because of these factors, the deer herd can profit and maintain a healthy and strong population.

Bow and crossbow hunting is popular.
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Please note that during the Whitetail deer hunting season, our regular accommodation rates do not apply.

During this period, our accommodation rates (including territory access) are by individual only, according to the prices indicated in this page.

There is a lot of deer at Mijocama.
Whitetail deer hunting
 10 West Zone 
Accommodation and territory $400 / pers. / 4 days
Accommodation and territory $600 / pers. / 7 days
Guide $175 / day
Taxes, gas, services and permit not included !
Prices may also change without notice!
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Our baited stands.
A forest alive with wild game

Baited sites for optimal success

Strategically positioned tree stands and ground blinds

Belle chasse.
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Récolté au fusil à la poudre noire.
Un premier cerf.
Hunting on public or private land

Experienced guide service available

Specialized in Bow/Crossbow, black powder and rifle hunting

Nice buck video.

Black Bear Hunting
Black Bear slideshow.
     Spring bear hunting

From May 15 to June 30, 2023, Mijocama invites you to the challenging spring bear hunting season and offer you a variety of tree stands and camouflaged ground blinds situated in strategic locations to provide the hunter with a maximum opportunity of success. Our special baiting process has proven excellent to attract bears at an early stage in the season.

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It is also possible to hunt for black bear at Mijocama.

Black Bear hunting
 10 West - North zone 
Baited site
Specialized guide follow-up

$750 / person / 4 days
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Fall bear hunting

At Mijocama we offer you the opportunity to hunt Black Bear during both the bow/crossbow and rifle seasons at sites that are reserved uniquely for hunting this species.

A visitor to our baits.

Other types of hunting opportunities at Mijocama
Small games hunting.
Around the end of november Mijocama Outfitter offers you the opportunity to hunt a variety of small game such as hare and partridge and also a variety of migratory birds including woodcock, ducks and geese.
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Species Bag limit Season
Whitetail deer
Bow and crossbow hunting 1 September 30 to October 13, 2023
Black powder firearm
crossbow and bow
1 October 14 to 18, 2023
Firearm, crossbow and bow 1 November 11 to 26, 2023
Black Bear
Firearm, crossbow and bow 1 May 15 to June 30, 2023
Crossbow and bow hunting 1 September 30 to October 13, 2023
Black powder firearm
crossbow and bow
1 October 14 to 18, 2023
Firearm, crossbow and bow 1 November 11 to 26, 2023
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