Dogsledding !
An exhilarating experience!

Long before the invention of the snowmobile, Canadian explorers and settlers used dogsleighs to travel the ice covered countryside of their new land. Today, dogsledding has mostly became a popular winter leisure.

Rien n'est plus exaltant qu'une balade en traîneau à chiens.
What an adventure!

At the Pourvoirie Mijocama, you are in contact with nature and, as in ancient times, you can experience the adventure of dogsleigh riding.

This highly ecological form of locomotion will allow you to enjoy the thrill of the skids sliding on the snow, the feel of the wind created by the speed of the sled and the excitement of the dogs racing away. It is also the perfect way to discover the beauty of the winter scenery and to better appreciate this season too often criticized.

The entire family can enjoy this safe leisure activity.

An experienced guide is with you at every ride.

Come dogsleigh riding in Mijocama !

Pleasure and wonderful memories guaranteed !

For security reason, we have to be sure that the ice on lakes is solid
enough and that there is sufficient snow to dogsled.

That's why this activity only begin on January 15.
 ( if the weather permit it ) 

Dogsleigh rate
One day of dog-sledding *
$ 200 / person / day
( minimum 2 persons )

* on reservation only

Prices may change without advise !

Taxes and services not included !

Snow kick-sled, a new winter sport !

We also rent snow kick-sled !

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