A magnificent site.
Suberb landscapes.

Mijocama Outfitter is a lot more than a traditional hunting and fishing outfitter. With the great variety of activities it offers throughout the different seasons, Mijocama could be defined as a "Forest Inn".

The site is filled with majestuous trees. People are coming at Mijocama for the fresh air and relaxation as much as for its splendid landscapes and marvelous nature. Some enjoy nautical activities on beautiful Giles lake. Also, the hiking, mountain biking, snowmobiling and ATV amateurs are furrowing on the numerous surrounding trails where they discover one of the most beautiful forests in the province of Quebec.
An enchanting landscape whatever the season.

Mijocama Outfitter is located on a peninsula.

Located on a peninsula on the superb Giles lake, Mijocama is in the Northfield municipality, at 8,7 kilometers of what used to be the Point-Comfort village, between the Thirty-One-Miles and Pemichangan lakes, well-known for the quality of their lake trout and whitefish populations, and their breathtaking panoramas.

Northfield is in Upper-Gatineau, part of the
Outaouais region in the province of Quebec,
150 kilometers north of Ottawa, Canada.

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